The Editorial category is a roundup of links to editorials and columns from West Virginia newspapers.

Opinion: Early investments and mentoring by Country Roads Angel Network nurtures West Virginia’s entrepreneurial spirit

By Peyton Ballard The economic landscape in West Virginia is vastly improving for the 1.8 million residents who currently occupy these mountains. Looking at things closely, I’ve also noticed a changing tide. I’m able to watch from close-up the life-changing work of the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority (NRGRDA),[Read More…]

Opinion: Local news hangs in the balance

By Steve Waldman Report for America The U.S. Senate is now deciding the fate of local news. As part of the Build Back Better Act, the Senate is in the next few days considering an important proposal: providing a payroll tax credit to local news organizations to retain or hire[Read More…]

Why we need a community forum

Brian J. Allfrey Executive Director Utah Press Association I am not sure what I expected our country to look like in 2021, but I certainly did not expect it to be so fractured and so bogged down in hate. My oldest son was a year old on September 11, 2001.[Read More…]

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